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Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball

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Sonic the Hedgehog spins into pinball pandemonium!  Dr. Robotnik's latest robot-creation factory is the Veg-O-Fortress, a volcanic island fueled by the Chaos Emeralds and protected by the Pinball Defense System!

Strap on your Power Sneakers for all-new Sonic moves!  Sonic rockets into space, spring launches from levers and balls up for a high-altitude bounce!

Multi-round zones of wild Sonic action through glittering caverns, oozing toxic pools and boiling lava pits!

Up to 4 players can fight a whole new generation of evil enemies including Roboheads, jet-propelled Krondors and the Buzz Bombers!

Condition: Very Good

Contents: Loose

Release Date: November 23, 1993

Genre: Action, Puzzle

Publisher: Sega