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Ms. Pac-Man

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Ms. Pac-Man has 36 ways to drive you totally wild and crazy with more fun than you’ve ever imagined.  She gets to run around in 36 unique, mind-boggling mazes!  Some small ones.  Some so big you’ll have to scroll around.  Some that are mighty strange.  And some that are straight out of the arcades!  Whether you choose Easy, Normal, Hard or Crazy speeds, Ms. Pac-Man will have you running ragged!  There’s even a Pac Booster button to really let her shake those pesky ghosts.  Play Ms. Pac-Man by yourself or take turns with a friend.  Better yet, two can play at the same time—one as the divine Ms. Pac-Man; the other, as the original Pac-Man!

Condition: Very Good

Contents: Loose

Release Date: 1991

Genre: Maze

Publisher: Tengen