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Bases Loaded

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Here’s voice, action and graphics so real, you’ll believe you’re in the lineup.  The characters look like real baseball players, not cartoons.  The action moves at the same pace as a real game.  Sounds real, too!  The crack of the bat, the calls of the ump, the roar of the crowd when you score.

Play against the computer or a friend.  Pick your team from 12 different lineups.  It’s tough.  Each team has 30 players—12 pitchers and 18 fielders.  Each ball player has his own style.  The trick: learn all 360 players!

Control and play any position.  Whether pitching or at bat, control every aspect of the game.  Throw a fast ball, high outsider or a slider.  Swing for the fences.  Hit and run, bunt, steal or call for a pinch hitter.

Win the Pennant by storing your wins and losses.  Sign autographs later.

Condition: Good

Contents: Loose

Release Date: 1987

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Jaleco