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Whip your way through flavors of tart apples and the full-bodied taste of Ti Kuan Yin for a light and refreshing cup. Darkness doesn’t stand a chance!

Ingredients: Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, Dried Apple Bits and Natural Apple Flavoring

Depending on your infuser, you don't need a large amount of this tea to prepare as the oolong leaves unfurl and expand quite a bit. If you do find that 1 tsp is on the lighter side, feel free to add more tea generously until you reach your desired taste.  We recommend brewing at a temperature around 190° because any more than that can give the oolong leaves a bitter taste that masks and diminishes the beauty of high-quality Ti Kuan Yin.


1 tsp.   4-5 min. 190-200° F