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Brewing Recommendations

The amount of tea to be used (by volume) will vary from tea to tea because they have varying densities.  However, we suggest using 2 grams per 8 ounce cup for light tea and 3 grams for strong tea.

Use approximately 1 teaspoon per cup for light tea and 2-3 teaspoons for strong tea.

Water Temperature

White: 7-10 min. at 200° F

Green: 2-3 min. at 170° F

Oolong: 4-5 min. at 190° F

Black/Pu'er: 5 min. at 212° F

Herbal/Tisane/Rooibos: 5 min. at 212° F

Water Quality

Purified water or soft water is ideal for our teas.  Hard water or tap water is not recommended and is mainly considered unsuitable for tea because it may leave a film of oil floating in the pot or cup due to the interaction between the flavonoids in tea and calcium hydroxide in the hard water.

Here is what we recommend to enhance the flavor of our teas:

Water Hardness: between 50 ppm and 200 ppm, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): <250 ppm, pH: 7.0-7.5

Total Alkalinity: 60-100 ppm, Total Chlorides: <75 ppm, Total Chlorine: <0.1, Free Chlorine: <0.05

Multiple Infusions

All green and white teas are whole leaf teas (the leaves and buds are completely intact and not broken into pieces) and these are capable of giving more than one infusion.