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Retro Leaf started with a passion for tea and a love of video games.  We wanted to bring high-quality, organic loose-leaf tea to the masses, all while giving a nostalgic nod to our childhood.  We thought to ourselves, there just isn't enough unique and flavorful tea available right now.  We wanted to change that.  How many English Breakfast teas can there be?  Earl Greys? Bland green teas crushed into microscopic pieces in a small tea bag?  Well, with Retro Leaf, you get the best quality loose-leaf tea combined with all-natural ingredients, all while uniquely playing on the very essence of our childhoods.

As kids, we remember those late summer nights with the bedroom window open and the crickets chirping loudly.  The only light in the room came from a small tube TV, while the screen displayed our favorite pixelated hero.  The controller sat in our sweaty palms, every push of the button was an exhilarating rush of adrenaline.  We wished those times would never end, right?

Well, we wanted to create something special with Retro Leaf.   Although tea is the main player in our story, we also wanted to be something more than just an ordinary tea company.  We wanted to celebrate both of our passions, all while creating a close-knit community surrounded by great tasting tea, games, comfort and just all-around good people.

However, you don’t have to be a video game nerd to enjoy our tea.  We source organic, loose-leaf tea from all over the world and carefully select our tea leaves for all the tea lovers out there.  We use a high percentage of premium Ceylon and Assam teas in our flavored blends for their unique flavor and distinct color, unlike some of the cheaper China black tea alternatives.  We craft our signature unique blends using all-natural ingredients, nothing artificial.  In addition, all our teas from Kenya, India and Sri Lanka are sourced from reputed tea estates that conform to the strict labor laws of those countries.  Therefore, we practice ethical worker relationships and are considered Fair Trade.

So, if games aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we are a tea company for the tea enthusiast first.  Just sit back with a cup of your favorite Retro Leaf tea and enjoy a good game, book, conversation or a relaxing moment on your own.  If you are a gamer, trade in that sugary energy drink or soda for some Retro Leaf tea and experience tea with a byte!